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Blue Jays concept


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A very talented artist named Against All Odds created this concept design and submitted it to the Blue Jays organization for consideration. Of course, Ricciardi has emphasized that the new look Jays are a parallel to a new generation of Jays (and hopefully some more glory years) and so they won't be changing the current uniforms any time soon (which is fine with me, our current logo is great). But what do you guys think of this concept design? I like the wordmark/watermark and love the maple leaf and how the 'T' looks like a dome. Does this design do it for you?

The design: http://s9.invisionfree.com/In_the_Zone/ind...hp?showtopic=39

Just follow the link, the image would just expand these tables.

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haha wtf...wow my stuff gets around i had no idea it was posted on other boards. thats cool i guess.

but guys i have so many works in the process...and i still have all the .ai files....but illustrator got deleted from my computer because i had to do a system recovery because of a virus, and i need illustrator again until i can post anything. this sucks...

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