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Tank Stumper 4/3/05


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I believe they said this is their 16th year. So I guess 1990.

You are gonna be slightly embarassed it was against Cardinals over Reds in 1994.

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When was the first opening night game MLB played on a Sunday for ESPN who were the teams who won the game?

With all due respect NJTank, that is not a very good trivia type question. It doesn't pass the test on a number of different levels in that the game was not any type of seminal event in sports history. Sure it might have been a "first" but c'mon, a baseball game on Sunday night?

Nobody, except maybe the people involved in the production of the game would be aware of it. It just doesn't make one pause to reflect back on it and try to conjure up the answer. Rather, you'd have to go look it up on some obscure page on the internet.

Hope that helps you in the future.

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