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Yotes 2004 concepts


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these are good, but allow me to suggest a few things to try:

1:  Lose the triangle behind the coyote's head.  It's not needed and will be like the Sharks and Ducks two other western teams.

2:  I don't like the use of that much silver on the road, when none is used on the home.  Sand, Black, and Brick are all you really need, IMO.

3:  Make the arm stripes wider and move them down.  The center of the arm stripe should be around straight part of the top of the circle on the elbow patch.   As they are, they're too high.  If you do move/widen the stripes, you might make the cuff smaller of get rid of it completely.

4:  The hem stripe is so thin and so low, you'd never see it.  Again, make it taller, and maybe move it up so the very bottom of the jersey is white.

Right now, I think the jersey, especially the home, is kind of plain.  Too much empty space.  The striping suggestions would help to break up the empty space.  Just try these things, see how you like em.

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I didn't mean to tell you to "fix" the jerseys, just think about  the suggestions.

I'd give the logo a simple white outline, for clarity, then it'll be good.

If it were me, I'd still move the arm stripes down.  But this is your design, so go with what you have.  Atleast it's different.

The hem looks much much better.

Good work.

Are you using Paint, or a Paint-like program?

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I think the red is so dark, that it doesn't get enough definition when up against the black. You don't have to, but in some places where light hits, maybe have some cream highlighting (especially around the eyes) to help the "angry eyes" effect stand out.

Also, the nameplate disappears on the dark jersey, the sleeve numbers look crowded, the logo needs a thicker white outline, and maybe 'dumb down' the trim a bit (ie thicker outlines, less intricate, and make sure it doesn't turn to much into the Hurricanes).

However, despite all my suggestions (take them for what you want), this is a nice concept, and I think it has good potential. I like the colour scheme, and your willingness to use our suggestions is cool.

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