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While watching the Playoffs I discovered something about the Piston logo - is it me or is the Pistons logo concepts the most confusing in sports? They went from the Isiah Bad Boy era logo to the Grant Hill horse head logo to a confusing combination of both. Is it me or do they need to streamline these into one solid concept? I love the Grant Hill horse head logo but not as a primary, maybe a better updated old school Piston basketball (with simpler font) as the primary and the horse head they have now as their secondary as their secondary, and stick with it! They have flip flopped so much in the past 10 years it's hard to keep track. Anyone have an opinion on this, or is it just me?

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Uh, they're changing this off-season, dropping the horsehead logos and any other leftovers from the Teal Era and going for the simple Wordmark over basketball logo.

Also, white space is god, it let's your words breathe.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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