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miss. state fball concept......


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Really good use of gray. Even on the numbers, they look nice.

My only thought is with no striping, these are kinda looking like conference rival Alabama, and the line between white and gray isn't all that much. The big picture stuff - helmets, facemasks, dark jerseys - look very similar, probably more than MSU would prefer. Colts-style stripes around the shoulders would complete a nice throwback look...

"Start spreading the news... They're leavin' today... Won't get to be a part of it... In old New York..."


In order for the Mets' run of 12 losses in 17 games to mean something, the Phillies still had to win 13 of 17.

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no they are not switching to adidas! I like the idea of bringing back the maroon helmet but get rid of the gray. State's colors are maroon and white! to tell you you the truth, i really like our current uniform set. its a classic look.

by the way: "here is the mississippi football concept . . ." this is almost an unpardonable sin! leaving out STATE is dangerous


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I like them better than the current set, though the helmet reminds me of Bama's for some reason.

Nothing will ever top their unis they had before the ones they have now, I still don't know why they would change them.

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