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First time shame on you. Second time...


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Well the Edontmon Rush will be showing off there new logo this Wednesday...and it will not be my design. I hope its better than what I design for them.. after the month of crap I have had to put up with.

I was first contact a month ago to work on the design. After quoting a price and showing a few concepts, I was basically told I should do the work free, and feel special for the chance to design such a logo. It would look good on my resume.

So I backed out.

A few weeks ago they came back with another offer. Stupid me I bought it. I was suppost to come up with some concepts, and some other artists were suppost as well. We were to be paid for our concepts, and the winning designer would get thier asking price for designing the logo. My design was not pick , and I was not paid. I was told "No, only the artist who design was pick will be paid for his concepts adn the final logo."

Stupid me. :rolleyes:

I can not wait to see this.

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That sucks dude, especially cause we know that you probably did some of your best work and took a lot of time on it, and then find out you did it all for nothing. I feel for ya.

Any chance, though, after they reveal the new package that we can see what you've submitted? I think it would be neat to see.

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