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ketchikan beavers


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ya, its okay, but nothing too spectacular, a good start, with some computer coloring and more detail this could be a great concept.

i just visited alaska recently. seward-drive-anchorage-train-denali-train-fairbanks

stayed at the alyeska too.

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ssbob - this is more like it (vs. your "inspired by concepts" which were nothing more than copies) - i think i read in another post that your just going into the 9th grade? - you've got some potential when you create your own images and use YOUR creativity - now work on this...make it perfect - don't move onto the next concept until your happy with this one - and get some software that will allow you to turn these into the real deal - i've only done 2 original concepts (and they weren't that good, to boot), but i don't have 1/100th of the talent you do - i used paint shop pro 8 for my concepts, and it is far superior to ms paint and relatively inexpensive (though, i'm sure it's NOTHING like illustrator)

having said that, i'm not digging the position of the beaver's tail...great start though

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