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I ordere a pair of Lions Pack Tickets from stubhub, and I want to know what to expect. When will it come? Is there servace really good?

I just want to reassure myself I made a good purchase.

ANy comments about stubhub would be appreciated here.

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Mixed bag.

Up until last week, I had had good results with Stubhub.

But my wife and I were in Chicago on business last week, and I had bought a pair of Cubs tickets for the game Saturday, which turned out to be Dontrelle v. Maddux, so we lucked out. The seller claimed the seats "were together"; it said so online and on a Post-It Note attached to the tickets. When we got to Wrigley (and I'd been there before, and I knew the seat numbering system is irregular in parts of the park), our seats weren't within 10 seats of one another. And they were the only 2 empty seats in the row, so we were SOL. Fortunately, it wasn't quite a sellout, and the row behind us was essentially unoccupied. We didn't have to give up the seats we comandeered for the entire 9 innings - maybe the people stayed at Murphy's all game. Whatever, and I am happy it worked out for us the way it did. But that would've sucked if we couldn't sit together.

That's been my only bad experience with StubHub, but obviously it does happen.

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Im lucky our tickets came fast and they were just as advertised. They said they expected them to come this Wednesday, when in fact they came yesterday. Pretty speedy service. So far so good with experiences there for me then.

The only problem? The price was let's say..............a little bit higher than normal!

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