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Rockies Concept


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Despite the fact that they have 12 uniforms right now, the Rockies theme has not changed in 12 years, so I mixed it up a bit...

-I ditched the pinstripes altogether

-I got rid of everything purple and put in green

-I dwindled the uni-count to 3 (I'm sure that's the most appreciated thing)

-Ignore any sloppy execution, I used MS Paint and I'm not very experienced at all, this is my first concept


also, I've decided to do something about the red sox alternate jersey situation

it's supposed to be a sunday jersey, but they almost never wear it.

instead, maybe they should wear the red cap from the 70's on sundays

what do you think

C&C greatly appreciated


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all you did on the rockies one is change a few colors to green, and it looks bad. take some time to... actually change something more than one color.

as for the red sox, the red jersey is just sunday's at home, and as far as i know, they've worn them for sundays at home.

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The Rockies set looks good all around. Green is a good substitution for the purple. The BP hat might need a little work, though. Green with a black brim just looks strange.

Your Sunday alternate idea is cool. That hat shouldn't be worn full-time, but once a week sounds good.

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