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Giants Stadium P.A.


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The back-up P.A. announcer at Giants Stadium, Jim Hall, got some well-deserved national airtime before the Giants/Saints game.

Hall fills in whenever Bob Sheppard isn't available. Sheppard was across the river at Yankee Stadium on Monday night. (Hall also subs for the Yankees on the rare times Sheppard is off.)

The voice is different: Hall is a little softer and higher (slightly more tenor than Sheppard's deep baritone). But Hall has the same deliberate, dignified style as Sheppard: no shouting, no hype, no emphasizing one team over the other, just speak slowly and distinctly.

When (if?) Bob Sheppard ever retires, I hope the Yankees and Giants consider Jim Hall to take over.

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Anyone think they should do a 'Yankeeography' on Bob Shepard?? I would love to see that.

While I'm on it, I was at the game yesterday...I think they should do on in a few years on the grounds crew, cause of the YMCA routine...lol!

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According to the Yankees media guide, Sheppard is only the third P.A. announcer that Yankee Stadium has ever had.

Jack Lenz was the first, from stadium opening in 1923 to the end of the 1936 season by megaphone, and from the 1936 World Series through 1940 with an electrical public address system. (Yankee Stadium was the last ballpark to install a P.A. system, by the way.)

Red Patterson, the Yankees' public relations director, was behind the mic from 1941 through 1950, ending his stint with the World Series against the Phillies.

Sheppard had been offered the job for 1950, but he declined because he couldn't fit it into his schedule. He agreed to step in "temporarily" the next season, and his first game was on April 17, 1951 against the Red Sox.

Sheppard started doing Giants games when they moved to Yankee Stadium in 1956, and stuck with them when they moved to the Meadowlands.

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