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Question on how to read NHL Standings


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Hey all, You guys probably answered this already, but, I have been baffled on how to read the NHL standings cause u couldn't tell about wins, losses, overtime losses, ties, how season points are rewarded, etc. So, I was wondering if anyone knew the new standings for the upcoming season.

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According to what NHL.com has posted for preseason standings, there will be the following categories in the standings table:

? Games Played (GP)

? Wins (W) - 2 pts each

? Losses (L) - 0 pts each <-- meaning losses in regulation

? Overtime losses (OTL) - 1 pt each <-- meaning losses in overtime or in a shootout

? Goals For (GF)

? Goals Against (GA)

? Points (P)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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