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Madden 2005


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all I would want..

the ability to keep the "team" logo when you edit a uniform.

I hate that you edit a teams Uniforms and you can't put their own logo back on the helmet! What fun is it to edit a uniform and create a sweet new look for your fave team, then have to use helmets with no logos..BAH!

Yeah good point I hate that! And I dont understand why you can't do it!


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As to the matter of stating team names. I duplicated the CFA teams from this board on Madden 2004 (PC) and got a kick out of the fact that Al Michaels used the names "Steamers" and "Stallions" during the play call.


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What I find very cool (strange?) is in NCAA football, since they are college players, they don't have names, and the announcers call "Number 34"

If you go in, and type in names of your players for your team (like i did) then, the announcers say some of the names.

If you put yourself in the game, with your name and approximate stats (like I did) it has a chnace of saying your name as well. My last name is Francis, and the announcers call my name every time i catch a ball. I about flipped the first time that happened.

Wonder how many names they recorded, and who they are.

Oddly enough, I have Johnathan Smith on my team too, and they never said Smith. Only said Francis. Crazy!

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