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SI Cover: New Pacers Uni


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This weeks Sports Illustrated gives us a glimpse of the Indiana Pacers new uniforms. The cover has "The Odd Couple" Ron Artest and Larry Bird. I know its not much of a picture of the new jersey, but its more than we've seen in action.

(from a long time lurker but first time poster)


ESPNUAkron.jpg2002-2006 ALUMNI 2007-2009 ESPNUSeton.jpg

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... and have you seen their new court? ..... :blink:

Edit: just found this:


Q. Why were the Pacers in their beloved pinstripes for the game against San Antonio instead of the new uniforms? Admittedly, I'm a huge fan of the pinstripes and extremely sad to see them go! Are we already bringing the old uniforms out of retirement? (From Derek in Noblesville, Ind.)

A. I'd love to be able to come up with some quippy answer about the new NBA dress code being responsible but I've only had one cup of coffee and the endorphins and synapses inside the Brunodome (which, sadly, features a fully retractable hairline) haven't regained full function just yet. The fact of the matter is the new uniforms will be unveiled when the regular-season begins Nov. 2 in Orlando. The team generally does not show any of its new elements – including player intros, in-game videos, even the Pacemates' outfits – until the regular-season begins, and such is the case this year.

You didn't ask, but many others have, so I'll take this occasion to address another uniform-related topic that keeps coming up – that of an alternate road uniform. In recent years, the Pacers have worn bright yellow uniforms (haters call them "banana suits") as their alternates and many fans have wondered what the alternate look will be with the new style. Because of NBA regulations regarding uniform redesigns, the Pacers must stick to their standard home and road uniforms for two years before introducing the next version of alternates.

I saw, I came, I left.

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:woot: I get that tommarow I like their preview issues. Also those unis are nice I hope taht is them, and wearing the old unis in preseason is not new if I recall in 1992 the SUsn wore their old unis in preseason with Barkley making hsi debut, and when the season started teh streaking sun mad eits debut.



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