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Ohio Valley Greyhounds


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Yesterday, I spoke to the new owner of the Ohio Valley Greyhounds of the UIF. I asked if they were going to change the logo, because I thought the current logo was more of a cartoon than a sharp logo for a real football club. I think it's great to market to kids. He told me that the new logo was going to be released next week. I beleive it will be on the Greyhounds website. The radio talk show host was looking at it and said that he thought it was really sharp. We'll see. I am optomistic and hoping for the best.

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Okay Ladies, here we go. I know this is a logo discussion site, and I was looking around when I went to the AIFL home page. There they have 2 teams added that I didn't know anything about.

First: The Miami Valley Silverbacks. I went to their homepage and I pray they are going to use a better logo than that Silverback. I think it looks like a goofy Halloween mask.

Second: There is going to be a team in Huntington, WV. I called the league to see if there was any nickname or colors that the owners chose, but were not posted on the site yet. Needless to say, nothing yet.

I notice the Augusta Spartans logo. I think some one posted it on here once. I like it. I think it's pretty sharp.

The Binghamton Brigade logo wasn't posted either. If anyone hears anything on Huntington before I do, please paste it here.

Thank you.

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Huntington is getting another team?

The Locomotives folded, and the city is threatening to tear down the arena to build a Baseball Stadium... I just don't see the point. It's a college town, not a professional sports town.

I guess it's a last ditch effort to save the arena. Since hope of getting a hockey team back up there is pretty much dead.

If I still lived in Huntington I could get some more information for you, considering I had connections to practically everything sports related in that town back in the 90's. Heck, my best friend's father at the time owned all the teams and the arena. I helped out with the Huntington Blizzard (ECHL team) back then.

But sadly, I don't have those kinds of connections anymore. But if I hear something from family that still lives up there I'll post it.

I just don't really see the point in another Arena Football team after the first two already failed. I guess they haven't learned their lesson yet. They figure since Marshall football does so well that a professional team will too..

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HUNTINGTON, W.V. ? American Indoor Football League president Andrew G. Haines announced today that the league?s 16th franchise has been awarded to Huntington, West Virginia.

The unnamed team will make its home in the Veterans Memorial Fieldhouse and will the join the AIFL?s Northern Conference alongside the Binghamton (N.Y) Brigade, the Erie (Pa.) Freeze, the Canton (Ohio) Legends, the Johnstown (Pa.) Riverhawks, the Miami Valley (Troy, Ohio) Silverbacks, the Reading (Pa.) Express and the Stuebenville (Ohio) Stampede.

?We?re very pleased to add Huntington to our roster,?? Haines said. ?I?m confident that the area will support this team.?

Co-owning the team will be Dr. Bill Nichols, a 37-year old chiropractor and Greg Ramey, 41, an elementary school principal in Kentucky.

?This community is ready for indoor football,?? Nichols said. ?We?re going to be professional and we?re going to do it right. There are a lot of positives we can build on.

?We?re very pleased to be in the AIFL,? Nichols said. ?The stability is there and we are impressed how the owners are helping each other and their dedication to its growth and success.

A name-the-team contest will begin shortly, as will the search for a head coach and staff.

For more information, contact the Fieldhouse at (304) 528-5183.

Based in Canton, the AIFL is in its second season and has grown from six to 16 teams. The Richmond Bandits are defending champion. For more information, visit the league?s official web site at www.americanindoorfootballleague.com


The above was on the AIFL website.

As for the logos. I hate the Miami Valley Silverbacks logo. I really like the Augusta Spartans logo though.

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There's two logos on their site, one looks like the first ape, the second looks like the second ape.

So they've done well, haven't they?

Maybe they could have gone to iDonovan and used a better logo, as shown on his site:


It's in Flash, so I can't link better to it than this.

Hey, maybe buy a T-Shirt from him while you're there.

Oh, and I've got a site.

Footy Jumpers Dot Com

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