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If OK State has to go Modern


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I really like OSU current unis, but this idea came to me and I thought I would try it. I was trying to keep there current look but give it a modern feel. I couldn't decide which set looked better, so i posted both of them. I know alot of people won't like the fact that it is modern for OSU, but try to comment more on the design of the jersey.

Sorry about the images being so big. They got scratchy when I shrunk them, so I left them normal size.




Reverse Piping




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I actually like these a lot. I never understood why a team named the Cowboys went ultramodern with their designs, but that's beside the point. Your number font is a kajillion times better than the one the Pokes use now. And the striping is sharp. Clean up this design and show it off!

"Start spreading the news... They're leavin' today... Won't get to be a part of it... In old New York..."


In order for the Mets' run of 12 losses in 17 games to mean something, the Phillies still had to win 13 of 17.

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