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MVP 06 - NCAA Baseball


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I apologize if this has been addressed before, alas I've looked for another thread about this and couldn't find it, so NYEAH.

In looking at the EA site, I see that the theme of this year's MVP is College Baseball. The only problem is that in looking at the previews, it looks like simply a college baseball game. No MLB or Minor League anything.

Is this... it? Or is EA putting out an MLB game too?


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There was a thread on this several months back in the Lounge, but yeah, it's only college teams. MLB's exclusive rights went to somoene else (kinda like the NFL and Madden). I wanna say it was Sega Sports who got them, but I could be wrong.

As for the game itself, I've never been into college baseball. I'll probably never play it.

Here's the thread itself: EA Sports MVP '06 NCAA Baseball


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They were. They are now a part of Take-Two Interactive (I believe they helped create the GTA series with Rockstar).

Take Two interactive is known for its marketing of the GTA series as well as other games.


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