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Tacoma Navigators Concept


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I agree about light coming from the lighthouse. Also, there needs to be another color, because you can't really see the waves on the away and alternate jerseys.

I really like the ABA basketball in the logo, though. Maybe you could work it into the wordmark (behind the lighthouse like it is in the logo.) that might make it easier to work the light in, as well.

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Like the home. As was said right before me, the wave effects are lost on the other two dark jerseys. And the difference between the road and alternates is negligible - a slightly darker shade of blue. Why bother having an alternate, if one's just a faded version of the other?

Love the logo. But on the lighthouse, the red/white/blue stripes seem to have the wrong perspective. If they're meant to be radiating outward from the center of the lighthouse, they end too abruptly at the red stripes on the ends. There's room for more stripes out to the railing atop the lighthouse. The way you have it makes the stripes look like they're painted on the outside of the lighthouse beneath the railing and are shaped more like eyelashes on an upper eyelid than equal-sized spokes radiating outward in a 3-D fashion. This is probaly easier to draw and show than explain with words - but the perspective is off just enough to throw off the drawing.

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Dark gray works, although it didn't work for the Mavs.

Now to work on that perspective issue with the top of the lighthouse.

I'm going to try and explain it better here - I think this makes more sense.

There's what seems to be a black railing with black vertical balusters ringing the top of the lighthouse. Just beneath that is the red/white/blue stripe pattern that, in the middle of the logo, appears to radiate outward from the lighthouse and perpendicular to the railing. This makes the eye perceive the stripes as the underside of a floor to which the railing is attached. But for that to be true, the floor would have to create a ring parallel to the ground and as wide across as the outer edges of the railing. However on your concept, the "ring" created by the stripes ends immediately at the outer red stripes. The white triangles don't extend to the railing like the rest of the stripes do.

It's a little thing, but as of now, the perspective is horrible distorted to the point of being physically impossible. A small change would rectify this, and make the concept appear correct to the eye.

If I am still not making sense, I'll draw what I mean; it's harder to explain than I thought.

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