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Northwestern State (LA) concept


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This is what they currently have...


This is what I came up with. The fork is a derivitive of the fleur de lis. Natchitoches, LA was founded by the French in 1714 (first settlement in the LA Purchase). Natchitoches is in the bible belt, so NW ST chooses not to use any representation of a demon. The fork is about as far as it can go. I updated the purple too.



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I prefer the older one just because the new one looks more like a trident, and tridents make me think more of the sea rather than demons (as in the old Seattle Mariners logo).

Maybe if you put flames on that trident, as in the old logo, it would look more demonic.

I do, however, like the wordmark. Maybe, like I said, if you added flames on the pitchfork, it would look better.

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