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Another Hurricanes Alternate


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:welcome: aboard...

While it's well-rendered, this is a huge step backward for the 'Canes.

You probably haven't heard my 2 cents on the 'Canes sweaters, but this isn't the first time I've posted general feelings on them. Here's the short version:

1. Needs the storm warning flags as striping. Unique, only the Avs could do something similar, and it works.

2. Black... not good. The colors are based on the warning flags, which are more red than black. Plus, the 'Canes share their building with another red-dominant team (NCSU Wolfpack) - they really need to be mostly red.

3. If you're going to use the alt as a crest, make it correct. One flag = storm warning. Two flags = hurricane.

Specific to your concept, there's too much white. Especially when compared to the red.

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if one flag means warning and two flags means hurricane, then why isnt there a second flag on the alt logo? i think whoever created this secondary logo should have researched better. good job on the concept, i dig it!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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