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Logo question


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My daughter's softball team is changing their team name to:


I hate the name, but no choice in it for me.  I am wondering if any of you have ever seen a logo that might fit this team name?  I found a rumble logo for a women's pro football team, but it's too small use and it's not that great of a design.

Thanks in advance!

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How about just using a picture of Wilma Flintstone's friend Betty?

Ohhhhhh, RUMBLE, not Rubble!

In all seriousness, try getting a good copy of the Cincinnatti Rockers' helmet logo (defunct Arena League team).  Change the lettering from Rockers to Rumble and change the football to a softball and I think you'd be set.  Unfortunately I don't have any font info but that logo was the first thing that came to my mind.  It's got kind of a chaotic look to it.  Good luck.

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If you wanted to go with something original you could write RUMBLE in Aftershock font and use the "R" as the cap logo or something.  I did a softball team called the wreckers using this idea.  Idea never got used, though.
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