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help me out? jets idea.


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This is an idea for a Jets Logo that I came up with. It's based on the Insignia that the US used to have on planes, but with the colors changed.

I just made a logo, but was hoping someone could take it, clean it up and make some uniforms to go with it, as all I have is MS Paint, and I'm not very good with the uniform concepts.

I picked navy blue for the trim color for two reasons, I like the combo, and it references the old NY Titans teams. If you want to change the colors then I'm all for it.


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It just doesn't say 'Jets' to me. Maybe add the word 'Jets' in the middle and see if that helps. The blue doesn't work with me either it's an okay logo for a different team but not the Jets. I'd think about trying something different.

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Maybe try to use an accual airplane. Maybee if you depict a fierce lookin jet with that logo on it, it may translate better, but then again, it may look a bit minor league. Hmmm.....

Maybee something like this, but with your jetsish logo...


BTW, i just looked it up, the logo itself is called the Stars and bars

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