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Milwaukee Brewers Gold Alternate 2 Jersey Concept


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I'm all for a Brewers gold jersey, just like I like the Padres tan/sand road unis. I wouldn't replace the navy jersey though. Make one the gold jersey the home alt, and make the navy jersey the road alt. Also, I would change the pants to white. Coloured baseball pants tend to look gaudy.

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Yeah I would keep the blue one too, and maybe take off the blue pants.  I was getting tired of almost every team having white pants.

Tell it to MLB then. By rule, every team must wear white pants at home. They may wear white pants on the road by special dispensation from MLB. It hasn't been done since the Cubs gave it up almost 20 years ago. Gray works, because any other color looks like something from a bad softball league.

Still, navy isn't the answer. Especially with gold belts. Belts match shoes; this means in your concept the Brewers are wearing gold leather shoes. Seriously, what grown man is going to wear gold baseball cleats (short of Goldmember)?

Metallic jerseys don't look right in football, I don't see them working out in baseball either. I prefer no alts, but if they have to have one, I'd stick with the navy. Sorry.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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