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Soccer Template

Dave Ship

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Just playing a bit with my new soccer template, then i came up with this Arsenal FC uniform. Obviously it is NOT a concept, but just an example of how a job could look like.

If somebody get interest in this project i can develop it, creating an easy-to-use vector file with socks, long sleeves version, add some kind of real collars and a set of brand logos, FAPL numbers, league logos etc...


These are the OLD ones. So you can understand the sense of the previous replies.



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The shirt seems too short. Or do you want to see the players middriff? :rolleyes:

You could add some shorts to make it look tucked in, but right now it does seem too short standing alone. Other than that, it seems like a really good template.


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You simply can't get rid of DC's three stripes.  They may be an awful club, but without their three stripes, they are completely worthless.

Sorry...i said that i'm not interested to develop the D.C. United concept but the TEMPLATE! I made that concept in 5 mins just for give a sense to the presentation. The TEMPLATE is my really interest!

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