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ESPN NHL Roundtable


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We've heard your compliments and complaints about the past NHL season. So, we decided to gather some of hockey's biggest voices to talk about the issues. Join ESPN.com's Scott Burnside for our exclusive NHL Roundtable.

Go to http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/index?&lpos=...lid=gn_NHL_NHL# and click on the "Launch" link. Scott Burnside moderates this roundtable discussion with guests Bill Daly, Mike Gartner, Don Meehan, Brendan Morrison, and Ted Saskin.

It's pretty damn cool and I'm not even much of a hockey fan, so I know you Puckheads will eat this stuff up.

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Yeah ESPN is scared in Versus gets big they will have a true rival.

We could only hope.

Versus could be doing alot more though. Comcast has the money. They should try using it. (Just don't waste it on crap like ESPN. No spelling bees, poker, bowling, cheerleading, juggling, or pool please. Well, you've already shown pool. But I'll let that slide since you're still OLN for now. Versus better be above that!)

Only things I watch on ESPN now is the World Cup and College Football. And their World Cup coverage isn't even that great compared to the Spanish channels.

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Wow? ESPN actually doing something for hockey? I bet someone did this without permission and their pissed off about it.

Hey, you gotta do something when that douchebag Stephen A. Smith rips apart hockey players.... <_<

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