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Dusty Baker start packing your bags


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If they fire him who else could have or will do any better???

Lee Elia?

Jim Essian?

Tom Trebelhorn?

Bruce Kimm?

Wendell Kim?

Kim "Tootie" Fields?

All are viable options in the absence of Baker. Come on, Dusty, bring your kid to the press conference again, and use him as a human shield from the press corps after a tough loss. It's adorable.

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Dusty should niot be fired cus he cant manage the Disabled List that his roster disintergrated into so quickly. Stick Contrereas, Garland and Konerko on the DL and I see a 15 game swing in record feasible. If they fire him who else could have or will do any better???


When Lee went down, he moved Todd Walker out of position to first and set up some strange middle-infield-by-committee by rotating Hairston, Cedeno, (Walker on days when Mabry manned 1st) and Neifi around between second and short. Any time Neifi Perez is getting more at-bats, you're going to lose games. Why not move Barrett to first and put Hank White behind the plate? That increases your production at first base, improves your fielding at the backstop, and keeps Walker at second base? You'll lose production at catcher (even though Hank has been a pleasant surprise), but this is supposed to be a fielding-first position anyway, and though I love Michael Barrett as a hitter and a team leader, he's no fielding whiz. ...

I don't know what else to tell you. Johnnie B. Baker, will you please go now!

For the most part, I agree with you TCR (BTW, I like your Henry Blanco nickname), but the problem with proposal is that the line-up basically then trades Neifi for Blanco (becasue both Walker and Barrett both hit anyway, unless Baker is stupid and plays Neifi insted of Walker at 2B). And that's likely an offensive wash. Here's the numbers:


Neifi (159 AB) - .258/.365/.638 with 2 HR and 20 RBI

Blanco (96 AB) - .240/.438/.724 with 4 HR and 17 RBI

Okay, Blanco's got a bit more pop, but Neifi's got him on average. So they are about even in my book as to which I'd rather have in the line-up on a daily basis. Personally, I'd rather have neither...

And to Coast2Coast, the "bright spots" are definatly Jacques Jones, who, despite a slow start, has rebounded to hit above .300 (.307), plus, as you mentioned the 15 HR. Throw in 44 RBI, and that he leads the team in 2B with 17. I still think, however, they overpaid for his services (although he's on pace to better Jeromy Burnitz' stats as the Cubs RF from last year - .258, 24 HR and 87 RBI)...

And, Carlos Zambrano is a "bright spot" for the club. He's twice taken a no-no into the late innings, and is the only starter with a winning record (an impressive 7-3, with a 3.33 ERA). For that matter, he's one of only three pitchers at all with a winning record (Bobby Howry 3-2 and David Aardsma 1-0).

Unfortunatly, that's about it. Two guys. Pretty sad...


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