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Columbus Dogs logo fix


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Here is a logo that i have done but i don't like it. I wanted to know should I do something with it or have someone make a better one. Here is the Primary and secondary logos. C&C Please


I could probably do something with the logo if you want. And I could help you with the uniforms if you needed.


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What sport is this for? I kind of like it but it looks like a beagle - a docile breed - probably not "fierce" enough for most critics. How about adding a little snarl and showing some teeth. Think Sandra Bernhard. It may look better if it were more of a frontal shot too.


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Here is a logo that i have done

ok, i'm confused...did you make this logo or did you simply re-color an existing one?

if you recolored, why did you chose to recolor a logo that you don't like?

in all honesty, i think it's a solid logo, so if you did it, props...somehow i get the feeling that you're taking credit for something you didn't create, though

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