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Mitsubishi Cup Logo Design


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There has been interest from Mitsubishi regarding the sponsorship of the National Rugby League in Australia. I made up a logo for a site as an example so I thought I'd post it here. I'm probably going nowhere with it so I don't think I'll spend much time, if any, improving it.


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I don't like it, personally (though as a graphic, it's attractive, as a logo I'm not a fan).

The shield is too reminiscent of the Cricket Australia shield. I hate cricket, and yet I recognise its shield in this logo. For ninety percent of league fans, it would be much more pronounced. What's more, since the shield rolls away to the left, and the shield appears on the left breast of the jersey (looking at it), I think the logo would look out of place (compared to if the shield rolled in toward the chest) against most jerseys.

The gradient in the ball would be an absolute arse to try and embroider on the jerseys :P.

Something about the whole thing screams Rugby Union to me too; I think it's the ball. Though the ball is not notably different from the tri-nations logo, so who knows?

The NRL wordmark being skewed and curved like that looks cool, but limits its readability, especially from a distance. The shadow underneath it reminds me too much of the NBL logo.

I know I'm being particularly critical, especially considering it actually looks attractive as a graphic design piece, but I think it's just too derivative for a logo.

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