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Hello, I just joined the boards. I've viewed the boards for a long time (boards I also mean the INSIDERS fan board), but to be honest the defining moment to join was to get something vectorized, haven't got it yet, but I'm waiting to ask till I have at least 10-15 posts (and not just posts with 1 word or something dumb like that).

I've been a fan of logos for a long time. I've done a couple basketball concepts, that if you'd want to find them they are here: Simple Website.

[sIDENOTE for viewing the website: I was recently informed that the "retro" uniform on the site is ripped off of someone else, I saw their design and it looked familiar, but it is not a rip off. But I think I had seen that person's in passing before I made mine, so in the beholders eye if you think it is, then I apologize. I was in no way trying to rip it off, I thought it was original until I saw theirs, forgive me the website I saw escapes me. Also, the uniforms are not for TEMPLE University but for a high school. Finally, the Akron Firehawks is supposed to be "Firestone"-like, if you know your businesses the Firehawk is one of Firestones mascots, and Akron is where Firestone is based out of, it's sort of like a concept for a team that was owned by the Firestone family]

I currently am working on a logo for a basketball tournament (don't worry I'm not asking for vectorization, yet...j/k). I've got alot of concepts for it, and when I scan them in, I'd like to have alot of you take a look at them, tell me which ones are better, and so on.

But basically I just wanted to introduce myself, and get off on the right foot, in that I'm not going to join ask for something, then quit. Like I said I've actually have some designs I wouldn't mind you guys seeing. Until then I'll be watching you all. Later

P.S.-Yes in my signature there is MJ in a Lakers uniform, and TMAC in a red Raptors, I know they aren't the best quality, but I had to shrink them to fit. I made them myself, it's another hobby of mine.

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Welcome.  I do have to say the retro Temple uniform has definite Discrimihater qualities to it but I wouldn't call it a ripoff.  The Akron Firehawks uniform is pretty cool - sounds like a good setup for a CBA team.
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Welcome aboard!  I really like the Acron Firehawks jersey!


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