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Super bowl trivia


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1. Who is the first player in Super Bowl history to return an interception for a touchdown?

2. Who scored the Jets only touchdown in Super Bowl III?

3. What Vikings cornerback was burned by Chiefs receiver Otis Taylor in Super Bowl IV, resulting in a 46 yard Taylor touchdown reception that put the game away.

4. IN Super Bowl IX this Viking blocked Steelers punter Bobby Walden's punt that resulted in the Vikings only touchdown of the day.

5. Who was the Cowboys placekicker in Super Bowl X?

6. This Bronco quarterback replaced starting quarterback Craig Morton in Super Bowl XII.

7. Who was the Steelers placekicker in Super Bowl XIV?

8. Which Raider running back caught an 80 yard touchdown pass from Jim Plunkett in Super Bowl XV?

9. This Dolphins kick returner (Super Bowl XVII) was the first player in Super Bowl history to return a kickoff for a touchdown.

10. Who scored 3 touchdowns for the 49ers in Super Bowl XIX?

11. What did the Bronco's first offensive play from scrimmage in Super Bowl XXII resulted in?

12. Super Bowl XXVI was played where?

13. In which Super Bowl did Thurman Thomas gain his most yards rushing?

14. Who scored Green Bays first touchdown in Super Bowl XXXI?

15. How many yards rushing did Marshall Faulk have in Super Bowl XXXIV?

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1.  Herb Adderley (II)

2.  Matt Snell

3.  Earsell Mackbee (and later in the run Taylor slipped a tackle by Karl Kassulke)

4.  Matt Blair

5.  Toni Fritsch

6.  Norris Weese

7.  Matt Bahr

8.  Kenny King

9.  Fulton Walker

10.  Roger Craig

11.  the quickest touchdown in Super Bowl history (Elway to Ricky Nattiel)

12.  The HHH Metrodome, Minneapolis

13.  XXV

14.  Andre Rison

15.  17

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sorry i'm late....

1.  Correct

2.  Correct

3.  Correct

4.  Correct

5.  Correct

6.  Correct

7.  Correct

8.  Correct

9.  Correct

10.  Correct

11.  Correct

12.  Correct

13.  Correct

14.  Correct

15.  Correct

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