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Browns' crossover


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Here's my Cleveland Browns' x-over (hockey). I used the Browns' dog-head logo for the crest & the (=B=) for the shoulders with just normal stripes...


Credit goes to STL for the template & RC for the numbers & letters.


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Nice work.. very glassic look... great job.

Just to add my 2cents, which seems to be the point, the brown jersey with the dog head - the dog is brown, and so is the jersey.. the thin, fuzzy white border on there looks more "accidental-jpg-adventure" than it does intentional. I would try a thicker, orange or white border around the dog.

just my input.

If you dont like it...


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well, I was going to post this in the other thread but here is just as good. Here's is my browns cross. I can't belive someone didn't do this. As you know the browns are known for there orange logoless helmets. Well to cross that to hockey, I decided to do an orange logoless jersey. Then I made correspnding whaite and brown. I rushed this a bit but it gets the point across.


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These are all pretty good, but I like JKR's better. lucky's wold look better if the "BROWNS' was diagonal like the Rangers.

vic: i like the away, on the home, its difficult to determine where the dog head beginnins fromt eh uniform iteself, but it works  :)

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