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Jack Johnson's number as a King?


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I know Johnson's number on Team USA, and at Michigan, is #3. And seeing as I'm usually pretty impatient about getting jerseys that I want, right now, I'm looking to get a Johnson Kings jersey. The only problem is, Aaron Miller already has #3. I'm not sure how many years Miller has left on his deal, at $2.3 mill, but I think it might only be this year, and he is getting old, and beaten up, with a bad back. Does anybody know any specifics? If this is the case, I'm guessing Johnson would be able to take over #3 next year. I know, I'm being really impatient, but oh well.

By the same token, I want to get a Steve Downie jersey. He wore #26 in camp this year, so that's available, but he's worn #20 and #7 in juniors. Neither 20 nor 7 is available with the Flyers, so I'm just wondering if he'll stick with #26.

One last piece of impatience on my part. Does anybody have any more details on what the plans are with the Capitals moving forward with new jerseys in the coming years? I know it's been rumored that they're going back to red, white and blue, and that they were originally planning on changing this year, but it got put on hold. Whenever they do, I'll be one of the first to get an Ovechkin #8, with the "C". Thanks, sorry for the impatience.

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From what I read today, Johnson is going back to NCAA this coming season (which is why Carolina was willing to trade him, as they wanted him sooner rather than later). So Johnson won't be in L.A. this coming season, or maybe even next.

So there's time for #3 to open up, once he finally arrives in Los Angeles, whenever that will be.

Re the availability of a desired number, the Jerry Rice affair in Seattle means that anything is possible.

ps: Other unexpected number issued by teams:

- Mark Messier's #11 in Vancouver, after it had been left unused in honour of Wayne Maki.

- Doug Flutie taking #22 for BC Lions, after it had been left unused in honour of Joe Kapp.

....but I digress

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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