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Colorado Invaders(My Fantisy Football Team)


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Ok in my last concept which was a uniform for the NFL i was crtizied as a "color by numbers" guy

Well i took that to heart and made this very different and I don't think is used by any major team

I apolgize to rmered (your logo was great but i coun't resize it so i could not use it)

Also now you will not see a logo on the healmate (its being redone)

So Is it fine

Does it need changes

Should i delete it and start over with a more typical design







C&C would be awsome

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Well if the pant, jersey side panel and sleave stripe are supposed to be a stylized "I" then that should be reflected in the font as well. I think the striping is overkill. Perhaps just use it on the pants. Oh and drop the "Invaders" on the pant. Perhaps some white piping to seperate the red and blue stripe on the red and blue pants.


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I think that this is can be improved by deleting the "Invaders" script above the numbers, which should be made a very original font. Also, as said before, the stylized I stripe on the pants, which I like, and just have it on the pants.

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