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New Bucks Merchandise


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Has anyone found a site with a good selection of new Bucks merchandise? I would like a shirt with the "MILWAUKEE" wordmark, although I know it may be a few months before they put something like that out on the market. The official site has a pretty poor selection to this point.

I've noticed the same thing. I always surf Eastbay and the NBA Shop figuring they are the best two online places to look.

If you are located in WI, you may want to try JC Penney, Dunham's, or Sports Authority.


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Looks like it happened again...


Can anybody explain how they would have the new logo, but old colors? I bought this shirt from the team store on Saturday and it had the correct colors. I can't figure out how this would happen.

I'd guess it is just a bad job of Photoshopping. Somebody doesn't realize that the colors changed.

It's where I sit.

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