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So, what's this about the Mets losing?

Cyclopsis Joe

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Dun Dun Dun Dun, HEY!

It's a par-tay tonight!

It really is too bad that..

You know, who am I kidding. Every year when the Braves are knocked out it's the same old song: "Hurr, the Braves suck!"

Well now it's your turn. The Mets fans here talk about how great they are..how come they can't beat the Cardinals?

Best team in Major League Baseball, my ass.

This post, which will likely be graveyarded before I even go to bed tonight, was brought to you by the ec-freaking-static, and unashamed Cyclopsis Joe.



I don't speak for democrats, democrats don't speak for me.

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I think we better make sure Bengie didn't sub in for his little bro...

...I guess it's only me and my friend who joke about Bengie being the best player in baseball.

The Cards are my team(aside from the Angels), so I'm very happy to see them go to the series again. I'm also happy the Tigers won because it's kind of a win-win situation. An A's/Mets series would've been the worst.

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