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Ohio State Hockey jerseys


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I tuned into the Minnesota vs. Ohio State hockey game tonight and got a look at the Ohio State jerseys for the first time this year and I must say they've done something I don't think I've ever seen before.

The player names on the back were capitalized, and then the rest of the name was in lower case letters. I dont' think I've ever seen that before in my life. The letters were also quite close together, outlined in black and then drop-shadowed in black. The result was the drop-shadow/outline was one continuous piece of material which would obviously have to be custom made for each individual player.

They could maintain a stock of the white letters, but each black piece would have to be made specifically for each name, unlike a more traditional jersey where all you need is a stock of letters, pick the ones you need for that player and get to sewing onto a nameplate.

The jerseys themselves were also a bit odd in my opinion. They were grey with red horizontal bands, looking like the Detroit Red Wings 91-92 throwbacks, but with a quite modern "Buckeyes" across the front and numbers in (I think) the same modern looking font. The modern font just didn't seem to work right with the throwback feeling of the jersey pattern.

As of right now I wasn't able to scare up a photo, but I'll try again in the morning after the stories hit the web unless someone else beats me to it.



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