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Question for timmy b

Blue Falcon

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I wish I could.

I am familiar with the game, but have never seen a picture. I'd love to throw a pic on my site....

I Googled it, and the book described says all photos are in B&W, so don't know about both teams wearing yellow jerseys.

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Oh, I'm sure that the photos are black and white (color photos of football games pre-1960s are rare). But it would still be a great visual.


this happened on december 7, 1952. when the packers played in the coliseum and lost to the rams, 45-27. quoting from the game report in the los angeles times written by frank finch:

"but bill (howton) wasn't the only thing that confused the rams.

"coach gene ronzani's team (the packers) took the field wearing mustard yellow jersies strikingly similar to the rams' canary yellow pullovers. for awhile it appeared that nobody knew who was supposed to knock down whom.

"commissioner bert bell is expected to conduct a hearing on the rule violation, which caused the rams to play the game under protest."

i can't seem to post the photo from proquest, but hopefully the link will allow you to see the newspaper photo.

btw, no photos from that game were in my edition of the "golden age of pro football" (paperback).

hth anyway.


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