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The Wild Wild Northwest


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This division so tight, tonight the Canucks went from 11th place to 3rd in the Western Conference because of a 6-5 OT win over Calgary.

This is only one example of how tight this division has been this year.

Minnesota looked like they would run away with it after a very fast start, but they've cooled down quite a bit.

Edmonton was rolling until Smyth was injured and they've coasted around a .500 record along with the Canucks and Flames.

Before the Canucks/Flames game had started OT, EVERY team in the NW division had 38 points...

The division winner won't be decided until the last game of the season at the rate this is going.

Is this the tightest division race you've ever seen? Predictions?

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yeah this division is pretty sick right now, from worst to first in the Northwest. As for predictions I don't know who has the horses to go all the way, however there are a couple of teams that have games in hand.

Will win division = Wild

Want to win division = Avs

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I think the Wild's season rests squarely on the shoulder of Marian Gaborik. He's out and we are mediocre. He's in the lineup and we are an entirely different team, and in a division this tight, he's going to tip the balance in our favor if he comes back strongly.

With Detroit and Nashville in one division and Anaheim, San Jose and Dallas playing well in the other, it looks like the top three teams in the Northwest will make the playoffs. It's so hard to put any distance on the others if the games keep going to OT. It's getting more about keeping teams from getting the OT point as it is getting points for yourself. Winning in regulation is much more important and the Wild can't seem to beat anyone without letting them escape with a point.


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None of the 5 teams impress me, though.

And that's why this division so interesting, every team has been inconsistant, and have nights where they don't look good at all...

The Canucks have given me more headaches this year than any other year in the past because they can't finish, play boring hockey, and give the excuse "well we worked harder than the other team today but didn't get the result" every single game they lose. We do (we usually out-shoot the opponent by a considerable amount) but it's like we have no talent on the team sometimes since we don't score many goals.

Even with the concerns on this team, the fact we are right in the thick of things at this point is a good sign.

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