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Australian Open


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Grunts shouldn't affect a person from hitting the ball.

Her grunts disguise the sound of the ball hitting the strings, which at that level, the players can tell what sort of shot it was, and with what sort of power it and bias is put into it.

As Alpha says, it's the on again, off again nature of it that gives it away.

OK, it's probably an overstatement to say "cheating", but it's poor sportsmanship at the least.


But she's attractive, so she'll get away with it.

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Yeh, she uses it to decieve the opponent, the opponent anticpates one thing from the sound of the ball connecting with the racquet. When she grunts over the top of it, making the opponent take an extra moment to make an anticpated move or chase the ball. The fact it is on and off through the match makes one wonder is she really using the grunts to put force behind the ball?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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