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Darryl Stingley dead at 55


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Jack Tatum did that on purpose too, and he never apologized.

Yeah Tatum was an ass, the only time they were scheduled to talk was in 1996. Stingley canceled when he found out the interview was going to be used to promote Tatum's book.

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It was senseless hit made in a meaningless, glorified scrimmage, by a steroid-pumped thug. He was a jack-ass then and he's still one now. What he did helped kill Stingley, it just took 30 years to do it.

Tatum has never apologized for the hit. "I don't think I did anything wrong that I need to apologize for. It was a clean hit." Neither the NFL nor Stingley have taken action against Tatum. Makes one realize who the better man was. Tatum also never tried talking to Stingley about the incident until he was promoting his autobiography.

In 1997, Tatum asked the NFLPA if they could give him a "catastrophic injury pension" for having to live through the Stingley incident but the league declined after thinking it wasn't a catastrophic injury.

Yes you read that right- he destroys another man's career, body, and life- and he feels HE'S the victim. This after he got away with the incident scott-free.

:censored: you, Jack Tatum. You might have had a career for being a hard hitter and fierce competitor, but you're also a stain on the NFL too.

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