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Question for cfl fans.....


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The Rouge is a magazine that covers Canadian football (I think it includes CIS and Junior football), but I think that's as close as they come. I google searched it, but it seems it might not get published anymore. I know I saw the site a little while ago, but now it's just this site.

TSN.ca does an excellent job of covering the CFL (Chris Schultz is actually a pretty good analyst), while unfortunately CFL.ca is generally a dud of a site (very little content for a league site, updates are too few and too far between, and stats are not searchable and in PDF format :angry:)

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Unfortunately with the cost of publishing up here it could be an expensive venture--and if it was a cheaper magazine ala paper &/or graphic quality, it probably wouldn't sell too well--

Your best bet is the 'net.  TSN, cfl.ca, maybe the team sites, there are a few others that I don't remember off the top of my head.

I know I'd like to see a magazine on the CFL--but it would probably have to include info on CIAU, junior, senior, and possibly high school, and general sports articles.

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Yes tehre is an official guide & record book, but is that the same as a periodical--that's how I took the post--guides are useful--but ususally they are outdated in some places when the season starts.  

There is however--in one sense--a periodical that comes out during the season--the game programs.

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