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Carolina Hurricanes Concept


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So why did you make another account, allyB? You and SamPan were born on the same day, have similar signatures, are die hard fans of the Canadiens, and are from Quebec. You from Rimouski, and allyB doesn't say... A little suspicious don't you think?


allyb show me that forum and i though it was cool so i sign in ! Anyway, what would be the point of having two accounts ? I'm working on some concepts me too... I'll post them soon. But anyway this is a thread about his hurricanes concept so, bye.

Fair enough, sorry for gettin' on you guys... As for the concept, the one you most recently posted is by far the best. The previous ones were way too busy and resembled the Thrashers (a division rival who the 'Canes wouldn't want to emulate) a bit. Nice work.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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