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!LA Galaxy Concept


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I'll start with the crest. Uniforms to follow. I know this is a work in progress so keep the C+C coming please and thank you.


aka the Patsox

*BTW Rather than explain this, feel free to ask all the questions your little hearts feel necessary.

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It's illegible. The LA gets lost.

Why is the L outlined but not the A?

Yellow, teal, purple, black, 2 shades of silver and white. Too. Many. Colors.

Either the sash isn't centered, or the ball isn't. The colored hexagon panels don't even line up correctly.

Why is Est 1995 larger than Galaxy?

Did you give up on your other concepts to throw this one together?

To quote your member title, damn indeed.

Back-to-Back Fatal Forty Champion 2015 & 2016

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Alright I'll fix it. Thanks, that was what I wanted.

And, no...

1) I didn't "throw" this together.

2) I will continue to work on the others. I'm just taking a break to clear my mind.

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I think I know what you're going for, but that just looks... ODD. Looks like a rip of the Coyote's moon, with a random star in there for show. The sash is now completely off kilter and off center. The "EST 1995" is still too twisted and barely ledgible. A slight improvement yes, but still not that great.

Keep trying.


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