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  1. I'm just left wondering what the school's colors are... is it really Green, Yellow, Light Blue, and Pink? Or are they Oregon wannabes adding different colors just to look cool? Now if the school really does use all those colors then the tartan design on the sleeves looks actually pretty cool. Reminds me of those flashy tartan pants you would see out on golf courses.
  2. I've always been fond of Central Missouri. Possibly my favorite logo and mascot ever. Oh and BTW North Dakota State and Penn are Division 1, and what is that on Kalamazoo's helmets? A horn? Also, is this just football or any sports? I remember getting my butt chewed out for posting non football uniforms on a topic similar to this one once... Would like to see a better photo that shows the custom number font you're talking about for this George Fox school.
  3. I like a lot of the new ones you've done. Just two things: yeah that DC one is copyright infringement of DC Shoes, and the second one is where is the C on the JCL one? Been looking at it forever and still can't see it.
  4. Well he changed the colors of the Titans too. Sorry but a lot of these are downgrades from what the teams have now. You replaced some of the best helmet logos with script, and put a jumbled mess of a logo in replace of one of the most recognizable brands in the world with the Cowboys. I will say I do like the Broncos one a lot, and the clip idea is pretty darn cool.
  5. Look around on the wonderful world wide web for video tutorials and such. Have you tried looking at the manual on the inkscape website?
  6. Shouldn't this be in concepts? Anyway, yeah the top of the head looks weird to me. I can't unsee an antler. What if you made the darker blue in the Blue Jays colored one into a dark purple or violet and try both? Could work.
  7. That 1994 BVB kit looks incredibly like Oregon. Inspiration for Nike perhaps? Also, pretty crazy how the Mutiny look like the Sounders.
  8. Australian football trumps every other sport on here IMO. As for big four definitely hockey then baseball.
  9. It's pretty cool. But how is it two cities represent a whole state?
  10. Wow. The Titan and Grenadier even have the same face! I'm speechless at how lazy that is.
  11. I don't see why Grambling and Howard are on this list. Grambling has had their G logo almost just as long as the Packers and Ge orgia have, and doesn't Howard claim to have created the red-streaked bison logo before the Bills? Here's some I would add to the list: Mercer Bears Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils (Mouthful for sure) Portland Pilots (Their old logo was great) Tennessee State Tigers And any bird logo with teeth. Here's looking at you Louisville and UMass-Lowell.
  12. Way to continue to support a player who's no longer on your team. Move on. Nothing new here. And so have the Rams...
  13. Does Montana State still use the bobcat logo? I've always liked that logo a lot. The M on the helmet looks too much like Morehead State to me. I really like the striping on Cal Poly though. Can't wait to see Steck's Missouri State!
  14. I really like that NBC score bug. Sweet simple, and most important readable. Why the hell do you need the records of the teams on the score bug? That can be left for coming in and out of commercial breaks. Hell, I even think logos are a waste of space on a score bug, but I know that wont go over well here