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Another Rockies Concept


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Hey, all. This is my first concept in a long time (the first completed among several that I'm working on right now). It's an update for the Colorado Rockies. I kept purple as a color, and added forest green and cream. I feel like a team named after the Rocky Mountains should have forest green as a color. No more black and silver, either. I kept the "mountains with ball" logo as the primary, but redid the workmarks and fonts. I never really liked the CR logo, so I ditched that and put the mountains on the cap; I think it looks much better.

Finally, I liked the cream color so much that I made it the road uniform. Don't know if this is dark enough for a road or if it would classify as a home color like the Giants. If so, I'll make the home uniform cream and the road uniform gray.

Still a work in progress, as always...C&C appreciated.



Home uniforms (regular and alternate):


Road uniforms (regular and alternate):


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I like the idea of the purple and forest green, but the two are just not working together well in this concept. I feel as if both forest green and purple are complementary colors and not primary ones, so this set looks somewhat out of whack. Also, the cream should go at home and grey should be on the road.

Logos: C

Jerseys: B-

Overall: C+

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Wearing cream-colored road uniforms is going to extremely awkward when the Rockies go to play their division rivals in San Francisco, what with their cream-colored home uniforms. There's no compelling reason to go with cream for the Rockies. Their history goes back to... the early '90s, so it's not a nostalgia thing. There is no connection to the mountains and the name, so it really doesn't mesh with the concept as a whole.

Also - I like the idea of green for the Rockies. I've done a purple/green Rockies concept that I liked, and I have actually been toying with a 2nd attempt with some new stuff. That said, you went a little heavy with the green. Purple should have always been, and should always be, the Rockies' primary color. Green would make a great accent color, but green jerseys is letting green go too far, like when the Lions, Eagles, Mets, Reds and Royals allowed black to go from trim color to an overdominant one.

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Nothing personal to you swilson (or your work), but WE KNOW the Rockies unis suck... WE KNOW they should be emphasizing the color they use that no one else does, but can we chill on tryin' to fix them for a minute? There's plenty of other baseball teams that could use a tweaking or an overhaul.

Anyway, on to the C&C...

This doesn't really say "Major League" to me... although this could be a great concept for a club in the Rocks' farm system (Casper Rockies anyone?) Not sure if I can add anything else that hasn't already been said though.

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