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Bruins have hired Claude Julien......


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TSN.ca Staff

6/18/2007 9:15:43 PM

The Boston Bruins have found their man to guide the club in 2007-08.

TSN has confirmed an online report that the Bruins have hired Claude Julien to be their next head coach, with an official announcement expected as early as Tuesday.

Julien was the head coach of the New Jersey Devils during the 2006-07 campaign, but was fired April 3 despite the team leading the Atlantic Division with a 72-71-16 record.

The 47-year-old previously coached the Montreal Canadiens from January 2003 until January 2006.

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First Ftorek now Julien BRuins like ex Devils Coaches

Not only ex-Devils coaches but ex-devils coaches who get fired with less than 10 games to go while in first place.

I don't understand this move. They fired Lewis to replace him with a guy just like Lewis. Apparently Julien and Charelli go back a bit but still it's an odd choice. I think Julien will last a year at the most.

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I was on WEEI Sports Talk Boston this afternoon, around 12:50 or so, and chimed in a little. I said that I wished the B's did this a few more weeks ago, and brought back Mike Keenan. Keenan, IMO, was instrumental in developing Thornton into the type of player he is today, and I thought it would be interesting to see what he could do with Phil Kessel. I was quickly shot down by Dale Arnold, who rejected the idea from the get-go. Tom Caron seemed slightly intrigued, but I guess that's the way it goes.

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