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National Football Team Concepts

Billy B

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I'm starting a project of creating uniforms for 16 countries for American Football, similar to the World Cup of American Football. I'm going to finish a project this time. I have an idea for most teams that I will do, but I'll be open to suggestions for some countries.

I started with my country of origin, Poland. Poland only uses two colors, and usually has conservative designs for their national soccer team so I kept a pretty simple design. The helmet logo is the eagle from the national crest. I will be doing more modern designs, so every team will have a distinct look. C&C Please



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I like the simplicity, but i think it could be executed better...first off theres a block of darker red around the shoulder number on the red jersey. I would also like to see a double stripe on the pants, then again that might be the Badger fan in me...I'd also like to see some names on the back overall its ok but no true wow factor.

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QUOTE(Billy B @ Tuesday, July 17th, 2007 - 05:43:51)

I added names to the jerseys. Any more C&C before I start the next team?

Very plain this one, but I like the project idea. I think this could be a very tidy collection. Id like to see Scotland done if they're in your plans

(because thats where im from....not just for no reason...)

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I like it, but my only question is how well-known is that Polish eagle? Or is there anything else that would say Poland better?

I think that the eagle is a good representation. The soccer team uses it in the crest and it is occasionaly seen on the white part of the flag.

I'd like to do some more teams, but I've been really busy lately and will be for most of this week. I'm hoping this series won't die, but it might be a while before I can continue it.

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