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Crosby hype?

Notch Novelty

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My personal opinion Crosby is overrated. Calling him the "next one" is something people shouldn't. He will maybe break an record or two of Gretzky's but not in this trap happy era.

Yes, I know Crosby is younger than Parise.

Zach Parise had better stats than Crosby at the same level and some will argue he had better competition when Parise played Midget AAA. Parise and Crosby both played at Shattuck St. Marys.

Crosby stats in the Q, are awesome. He's destroying the league. He  has had 88 pts in 39 games.  Lemieux had 289 pts in his final year and only 96 pts in his first year. So another year at Q we can begin to tell what he's future will be. If he is the real deal.

Patrick O'Sullivan, Thomas Vanek, Zach Parise, and Alexander Overchek in my opinion could have better NHL careers.

Is Crosby overhyped? Not good idea to get on Cherry's bad side.

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until Crosby makes it into the NHL in a few years, nobody knows exzactly how he's going to do.

Mentioning Adu when they don't play the same sport is just confusing...Crosby is good, and providing someone doesn't hit him the wrong way and stays healthy, he could very well go on to great things

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I was very impressed with Crosby at the World Juniors, being one or two years younger didn't stop him from playing at the same level as everyone else if not higher.

To call him the next Gretzky is outrageous though. I'm glad most people haven't been comparing LeBron to Jordan, because I got real sick the last few years of everyone comparing 'the next big thing' to MJ. Stackhouse, Vince, T-Mac, and Kobe (if not more) were all subjected to those kind of comparisons, and I don't think it helped any of them. Let the past be... let's look ahead to see how their careers develop, not compare them to those who have come before.

Sometimes I want to tell all the analysts just to sit back and enjoy the show, instead of trying to read into everything and make stories out of nothing. So what if that's their job. :D

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Q is mostly a skaters league resembles European Style of hockey, barely any hitting compared to W and O.

Gretzky playing in this era is another debate for another time. Adu was just a point being made. Crosby, I think will be another Lecaliever which isn't too shabby or even Yzerman type player.

I think if college hockey in the US was as popular as Juniors in Canada we would hear a lot about Vanek and Paraise.

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Well its alittle unfair to being this talk about anyone who is just 16. Its puting an awful lot of pressure on the kid, and if he has a good career, it could still be considered a disappointmnet with all the especations.



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