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More March Madness for All!


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As if we were not spoiled enough with NCAA's and the NIT, the group behind some of the preseason tournies that is going on are creating the College Basketball Invitational.

Introducing the College Basketball Invitational

Here are some key points:

-16 teams will be invited (They will also use the same criteria the NIT will use)

-Four regionals with the 1st Round to begin on March 18th

-The finals will be a best of three series that begins on March 31st.

Personally, this is a nice idea. Especially the finals being a best of three series, but I don't think there is enough room for another postseason event IMHO.


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The concept is interesting, but, like just about every College Bowl game that isn't the alleged "National Championship Game", they only people that will give a crap about it are bettors and the schools themselves.

I give it two years.


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