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UPDATE-New Soccer Template!


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I noticed the issue with the template how the innermost stripe on the kit was too large compared to the picture. The reason for this is there are actually two different onore kits, one is the climacool onore, and one is the formotion onore. I based the template off of the climacool onore with the larger stripe, as seen here: 697777.YL.JPG

compared to the formation onore as seen here: 369_1010482.jpg

idk if anyone else cares that the stripe is a tad smaller, but I do :P

heres the updated formotion onore kit with smaller inner stripe:galaxyawaykitonorecopy.png

and a the introduction of my golpe template: galaxyawaykitgolpecopy.png

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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