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Oak Hill Academy


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Ran across this...thought it was pretty neat (to me at least)

This is one of the logos for the Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, VA)


You'd think a school with apparel ties to Jordan and Nike would be able to come up with their own logos instead of stealing the old St. John's Logo.

I got it from this site.

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Yeah, that stuff is REALLY common here in Utah. Im never sure why, but it seems every school but just a few use knock offs. Here's what I mean:

Alta Hawks (exact Atlanta Falcons knock off)

West Jordan Jaguars (Jacksonville Jaguars with blue toungue instead of teal)

Viewmont Vikings (Both the horn AND the Minnesota Viking head)

Monticello Buckaroos (Wyoming - colored orange)

Kanab Cowboys (Kansas City Royals "KC" in a red star)

Spanish Fork Dons (49ers "SF")

Payson Lions (Detroit Lions)

I could keep going because theres plenty more, but you get it. Its REALLY bad here.

Its a really cool logo that Oak Hill has there, but I think something more original would be better for them, especially being a nike Air Jordan school and all.

Jimmy Eat World



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